Music is joining the fight for our planet.

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Music for our Planet

An OFE concert is a totally unique experience, bringing together outstanding musicians, scientists, speakers, and artists from across the world. We are committed to spreading the word about the climate crisis, inspiring people about the natural world, and motivating them to protect it.


In these difficult times, we need music and nature more than ever. While we are unable to play live to you, OFE musicians are busy making videos from their homes, for you to enjoy from yours.


Support our musicians

Our musicians are young freelancers at the start of their careers, so the wholesale shutdown of the live music industry has put their livelihoods in an exceptionally precarious position. Please consider making a donation to help them through this difficult time.


We value diversity

We believe that classical music is for everyone and that a greener future is a fairer future, so we've pledged to improve and intensify our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive orchestra.


What people say

‘What a concert! They played with passion, verve, and musicality. It remained in my mind as one of the high points of the festival with a conductor and orchestra to watch.'


Marina Mahler, granddaughter of Gustav Mahler

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