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From our homes to yours

You can enjoy OFE's glorious music-making any time you like.


Browse our special collection of online concerts, some created virtually against all the odds during the height of the pandemic, others capturing the. magic of our live performances. Everything is available here for you enjoy from the comfort of your own home. And the best thing? It's all completely free.

Earth Hour

A theme for terra carta


OFE was honoured to be invited by HRH The Prince of Wales to record a theme for his Terra Carta, composed by world-renowned composer Sarah Class. The theme was played to His Royal Highness at the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, November 2021.


Terra Carta is the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation. Terra Carta formulates a roadmap towards 2030 for businesses to move towards an ambitious & sustainable future, to ensure the integrity of our ecosystems and of biodiversity, & harnessing the power of Nature combined with the transformative power, innovation and resources of the private sector.  

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