Saturday 6th November, 4pm

Warwick Arts Centre Theatre
Coventry, CV4 7AL

Text written by Innosanto Nagara
Produced by Becky Burchell
Directed by Sophie Austin
Props by Lorna Rees

Recommended Age: 7+

This world premiere performance has been created especially for CHANGE Festival 2021 and is a must-see for families and classical music lovers and their children and grandchildren. This will be a multi-generational celebration of a better world that is not only possible but is here today if we choose it.

OFE soloists will perform Beethoven’s Septet alongside a stirring rendition of the children’s story Oh, The Things We’re For! This charming, melodic piece is the perfect accompaniment to Innosanto Nagara’s poetic and lively book.

Illustrating how global issues can be tackled if we work together, this all-star line-up will bring to life Nagara's inspirational narrative and beautiful illustrations, projected throughout the show. This is an original and engaging classical performance not to be missed!

Beethoven's Septet featuring 'Oh, the things we're for!'

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Tickets for Trees

Each ticket purchased to an OFE event plants 1 tree as part of our Tickets for Trees scheme, in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects.

Gaia at W5, Belfast, 2019 (3).jpeg

Wednesday 10th November, 7pm

Keele University Chapel

Newcastle ST5 5NN

HAYDN Symphony No. 6, 'Le Matin'

HAYDN Symphony No. 7, 'Le Midi'

HAYDN Symphony No. 7, 'Le Soir'

Join us for a unique musical journey situated underneath Luke Jerram’s stunning artwork, Gaia. This remarkable work is a mesmerising scale model of the Earth, and so OFE will play a trilogy of symphonies by Haydn that between them beautifully portray the Earth’s daily passage from dawn to dusk—hence their nicknames, which translate as ‘Morning’, ’Noon’, and ‘Evening’.


Framed by a spine-tingling sunrise and a thrilling nocturnal storm, these symphonies feature a kaleidoscope of colours and pictures of life on Earth, evoked by virtuosic solos for every instrument in the orchestra, from flute to bassoon to double bass.


The concert will also include a short conversation between John Warner, Founder of OFE, and Keele University staff and academics.

The audience are invited after the concert to visit the University’s Earth Observatory for a stunning view of the night sky which will be open from 9pm.



King's Place, London

Thursday 26th November 2020, 8pm

MAHLER Symphony No. 9
(80 mins, no interval)

John Warner conductor

‘It is the expression of tremendous love for this Earth, the longing to live upon it in peace, to enjoy nature to its greatest depths…’ (Alban Berg on Mahler’s Ninth Symphony)

Experience Mahler's masterpiece like never before, in a chamber arrangement that is as intimate as it is visceral, performed under breathtaking images of Alpine glaciers. 

The natural world that Mahler adored, and that his Ninth Symphony conjures up so beautifully, is under greater threat now than ever before. The Alps have already undergone dramatic changes since Mahler's lifetime, none more apparent than the retreat of glaciers. The science shows that without dramatic and immediate action to de-carbonise, Alpine glaciers will shrink by 95% by the end of the century. Join us for a unique performance of Mahler's masterpiece, and learn how we can avert the crisis we all face.

Mahler 9: can we save Europe's glaciers?