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OFE launches Alpine Tour 2019

We are delighted to announce our Alpine Tour 2019! The project, now in its third year, draws its inspiration from Mahler's extraordinary music, the equally extraordinary natural landscapes that inspired it, and a desire to bring the two together. OFE performs annually in towns where Mahler lived and composed in the Austrian and Italian Alps, raising money for a new nature reserve in one of these towns, Steinbach am Attersee, which they will be officially opening this year. The 2019 schedule also includes two very special concerts in the Czech Republic, where Mahler spent his childhood—one concert will be in the very house where he was born.  The programme this year features Mahler's music at its most ravishing and also its most serene, ruminating on themes of love, loss, and the night. It also includes Schoenberg's sensuous and captivating 'Transfigured Night', alongside a beautiful and recently discovered song by Mahler's wife Alma, 'Einsamer Gang' (Lonely Walk). OFE is delighted to be joined by mezzo-soprano and rising star Rosalie Warner.

Hear the programme live in London on 21st June: ticket details and a full tour schedule can be found here.

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