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Paradiso Hall, Weteringschans 6-8

Sunday 17th May 2020, 1.30pm


St Luke's Church, Chelsea

Sunday 24th May 2020, 7pm

SEBASTIAN BLACK The Mosaique of the Aire*


KNUSSEN Ophelia Dances, Book 1


MAHLER: Symphony No. 4

Gabriella Noble soprano

John Warner conductor

*commissioned and generously supported by Bill and Pamela Richter, and the Mahler Foundation

Join OFE in London or Amsterdam for Mahler's serene Fourth Symphony and a chance to learn about how we can build a positive future for our planet. Alongside Mahler's symphony OFE presents three captivating contemporary pieces: Knussen's Dances inspired by Shakespeare's Ophelia, Abrahamsen's compact and touching meditation on love, and a world premiere of a new work by British composer Sebastian Black. 


Mahler called himself the 'singer of nature', but in the century since he died the nature he 'sung' of has been decimated. It is in urgent need not only of protection, but restoration. Both concerts will feature introductions to 'rewilding', the process rejuvenating the natural world by letting nature resume its natural course. In doing so, we can revive profuse and beautiful ecosystems that benefit our communities and economies, provide clean air and water, and bring back into our lives the wonder that so inspired Mahler.

Mahler 4: Back to the Wild

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Tickets for Trees

Each ticket purchased to an OFE event plants 1 tree as part of our Tickets for Trees scheme, in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects.

Mahler 4

St John's Church, Waterloo

Wednesday 10th June 2020, 7.30pm

MOZART Fantasia in C minor for piano
MOZART-STRAUSS: Orchestral interlude from Idomeneo
MOZART: Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor


STRAUSS Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks

ANDIE HEYER new work (world premiere)

STRAUSS Alpine Symphony (finale)

Carson Becke piano

John Warner conductor

OFE kicks off London's Waterloo Festival with a sensational Alpine-themed programme. We'll be launching our annual Alpine Tour, this year celebrating Richard Strauss, who spent his life soaking up inspiration from the astonishing Alpine landscape. Every bar of his glorious Alpine Symphony bursts with the sounds and colours of the mountains, and we pair it with his wickedly funny Till Eulenspiegel, plus Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24, a piece Strauss himself performed as a young man. We're delighted to be joined by internationally acclaimed Canadian pianist Carson Becke. The concert will also feature the world premiere of a new work by Salzburg-based composer Andie Heyer.

PLUS drop into St John's during the day to visit our special Alpine Plant Fair! Browse a variety of exciting stalls selling house and garden plants and learn about gardening and houseplants from a host of experts from around London. 

Alpine Tour launch: Strauss in the Alps

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King's Place, London

Thursday 26th November 2020, 8pm

MAHLER Symphony No. 9
(80 mins, no interval)

John Warner conductor

‘It is the expression of tremendous love for this Earth, the longing to live upon it in peace, to enjoy nature to its greatest depths…’ (Alban Berg on Mahler’s Ninth Symphony)

Experience Mahler's masterpiece like never before, in a chamber arrangement that is as intimate as it is visceral, performed under breathtaking images of Alpine glaciers. 

The natural world that Mahler adored, and that his Ninth Symphony conjures up so beautifully, is under greater threat now than ever before. The Alps have already undergone dramatic changes since Mahler's lifetime, none more apparent than the retreat of glaciers. The science shows that without dramatic and immediate action to de-carbonise, Alpine glaciers will shrink by 95% by the end of the century. Join us for a unique performance of Mahler's masterpiece, and learn how we can avert the crisis we all face.

Mahler 9: can we save Europe's glaciers?

Mahler 9
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